Hello world!

I have created a blog several times before, but never stuck to it. Soon it was abandoned.
When I was looking for a job recently, I found that most of the things I could write on my resume were about work, and there was relatively little content outside of personal work. In fact, I usually do something worth recording. If I don’t record it at the time, it will be difficult to recall it after a long time.

From today on, I will stick to blogging.
Building a blog is a simple matter, but the most difficult thing is to keep outputting.

Make a list of things to do in the next period of time:

  1. Organize the UWB Project and make a list of things that can be sold.
  2. Think about the sales methods and prices of UWB related things
  3. Persist in learning English listening and speaking through “VOA Special English”
  4. Do several IoT projects and systematically organize the knowledge points of ESP32
  5. Study the latest progress of Delphi
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